Barnevernet Terror: Romanian-Norwegian Child Abusively and Permanently Confiscated

„I was not represented by a lawyer. Barnevernet’s witnsses were mostly anonymous”.

Delight in Truth

With sadness and indignation Delight in Truth brings you the story of Cecilie Bedsvaag and the injustice done to her by Barnevernet. This is the story of her mixed Romanian-Norwegian daughter who was abusively confiscated and placed in foster care in England. The world needs to know about these cases and rise up in protest against the Norwegian CPS for destroying families.

Cecilie Bedsvaag:

„I can testify that everything said [about CPS] is how it is in Norway today. Barnevernet is an evil organization which removes children permanently from good parents.

It has been eleven years since the first time I came in contact with this demonic institution. On February 21, 2005 my mother reported me to Vinderen barneverntjeneste. It was her birthday. Only a few days before I had given her a portrait of my beautiful daughter, 5 months old, as birthday present. She betrayed me, and in the meeting…

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